multi-media artist. family documentarian.

Color Blocked + Splitting

Color Blocked + Splitting

Color Blocked + Splitting

Titles (l to r):

1. Old Money Bars (keep it one hundred, and then some).

2. (Hallelujah!) I learned to imagine all the pretty flowers that would be born.

3. You say spangled, I say bitched.

The (ongoing, since 2013) series aims to re-imagine historical images, and substitute and/or highlight their mythologies as they relate to present-day circumstances through the lens of gender-specific African American experiences.

Titles (l to r)

1. living room, 2018

2. trading post, 2018

3. trader joe’s, 2018

4. home depot, 2018

The images above were paired with Color Blocked for an exhibition titled, Splitting.

Exhibition Text:

In Splitting, Amanda Russhell Wallace places some of her recent photographs in conversation with the triptych that forms a previous work, Color Blocked. Appropriated nineteenth century images found online form the basis of Color Blocked, and haunt those created in the twenty-first century with traces and residue of language, shape and color associations. Historical permeations within these object encounters rest on and in the verge. Together, the images represent a convergence and divergence between attempts to reconcile past and present acts of home-making.