multi-media artist. documentarian.
 Image Courtesy of Luke Sturgeon.

Field | House

2018 Update: A different, adapted version of the interactive installation was shown as a two-channel video piece at the Wattis Institute. All of the original stimuli of the 2015 version remained, however, they exist in time differently.

To view any clips, or to learn more information, please contact me.

The group exhibition, Deep-Time Construction, was on view at the Wattis May 31–July 28.

The original installation was created during a residency at Laboratory in Spokane, WA in the summer of 2015.

Images: One is a view from the street corner (301 W. Main Ave) of the four different screen projections at Laboratory. Each side has a pair of radial and linear gradients, with an alternating ordered placement of red and green. Others are two screenshots from two of four Processing sketches used for the projections.

The other images are installation views of Field | House at the Wattis Institute. The curators decided to present each of the artists’ works successively on opposing screens. Essentially as two opposing channels. (Images courtesy of the Wattis Institute)

In summary, Field | House is a public, perception-based interactive work initially projected through a storefront window in downtown Spokane. This work explores race, perception, and language with the four panels of slightly different iterations of the same stimuli that reference historical and contemporary subjugation and de-subjugation of the Black people.

Each projection includes footage of Bree Newsome’s Confederate flag removal juxtaposed to images of Dylann Roof, Jesse Washington’s lynching in Texas, and a young spectator at that lynching, with flashing text dependent upon interaction. The viewer’s interactivity level determines how far the work goes from start to finish, but more importantly signifies their passivity level with engaging a past, present and future America (via art).