multi-media artist. family documentarian.

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Field | House 


Field | House was originally conceived as a public, interactive four-channel time-based work of art in 2015 during a residency at Laboratory! in Spokane, WA. In 2018, an adapted two-channel non-interactive version was created for the exhibition Deep-Time Construction at the Wattis Institute. The visual stimuli of the 2015 version remain, however the more recent one has a set, longer duration. This work explores race, perception, and language with stimuli that reference historical and contemporary subjugation and de-subjugation of Black people.

The first three images are from the 2015 version, while the next are from the Wattis Institute.

The curatorial statement for Deep-Time Construction can be found at The exhibition catalog includes essays written by Meganne Rosen and Jennif(f)er Tamayo that discuss my work.