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Chat with Renee Marchol of Smarty Girl Leadership

A little while ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Renee Marchol (an editor of Smarty Girl Leadership) to discuss my artwork and inspiration. Renee learned of my work through Alan Chatham, who runs Laboratory, a space that champions Interactive Art. I completed my most recent body of work, Field | House, during a month-long residency at Laboratory (in Spokane, WA). It was the first time that I had ever learned about (and used!) the basics of coding. As of this post, I have not figured out how I want to include the work in a web-based format. Hopefully I will have something by the end of the month.

Renee quotes Alan with the following on why I was chosen as a resident: 

We use a jury process here at Laboratory to make sure we get a diversity of viewpoints in our selection process. With Amanda’s application, our jury was really excited about Amanda’s work dealing with her experience as an African-American in the modern world, and especially interested in bringing an artist living in a city with a large minority population to Spokane, where we have like, 3 black people (joking aside, only 3% of the population is African-American here). We were really motivated to bring her practice here to engage our community with racial issues in light of the ongoing national conversation around racial justice, and her timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the Rachel Dolezal situation occurring just before her visit. It was also really exciting for us, from a mentorship standpoint, to help Amanda transition her practice from primarily photography and video work into interactive art – the interactive art space has a lot of white dudes in it, and bringing some more voices to practice in the medium is going to be really important for the field’s development.–Alan Chatham

Nevertheless, here is the link to read more of what Renee and I chatted about, as well as additional content such as interviews and tips. It was an honor to have someone take interest in what I was doing, while also meeting a new, enthusiastic and engaging woman who is part of a multidisciplinary-interested community.