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Upcoming Exhibition at the University of Minnesota (Morris)

Very excited to have two of my videos, Post-Instagram, (Untitled #1) and Post-Instagram, (Untitled #2) part of an exhibition titled "APPed Metaphors: tablets, phones and the studio artist" from January 21 – March 11, 2016 at the University of Minnesota-Morris' Morrison Gallery. The show, curated by Gary Wahl and Anne Barber, "examines the many ways that artists have found to integrate tablets and smart phones into their studio practices." More specifically, according to the posted release:

 "Portable digital devices have transformed not only our culture but also our daily lives and routines. They enhance our senses, expand the scope of our inquiry, index content, record inspiration, and suggest new communities and modes of expression. Technology has replaced some art practices and augmented others." 

"The exhibition includes work from 26 regional and national artists working in a broad range of modes and materials including photography, video, painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking."

Image by Artist Hillary Russell of Indiana

Image by Artist Hillary Russell of Indiana