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Fifth Exposure Symposium

On May 6th, I had the pleasure (again!) of being among a group of brilliant women doing amazing work. For this year's symposium, in addition to having my art on the flyer and program, I gave my first presentation (Running back and forth with the dead and dying, and not only people.) as a new member of "The Dark Room." It was truly an honor. An honor to be a part of something important and an honor to learn from other presenters and attendees. Many thanks to the organizer and my mentor, the amazing Professor Kimberly Juanita Brown.

The evening prior, I witnessed AND participated in performances by three members (Dell M. Hamilton, Bryana Siobhan and Tsedaye Makonnen) of #BlackGirlLit: Between Literature, Performance & Memory. It was a joy to hear fellow artist Dell M. Hamilton discuss their work during the symposium. Their performances left me in awe. Looking forward to seeing and experiencing more!

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