multi-media artist. family documentarian.
Post-Instagram, (Untitled #1)_Frame.jpg


Post-Instagram, (Untitled #1). 2015.

Post-Instagram, (Untitled #2). 2015.

Each video in the triptychs was originally created through the Instagram APP. They are a continued expansion of my interests in identity formation and performance. They are also experiments with the performativity inherent in social media postings. In most, I have become an ‘other’ self: A self that I felt comfortable only displaying through social media platforms (namely, Instagram and Facebook), rather than in real life. Each is a documentation of a private performance ultimately meant for sharing via a public platform. They partly, yet intentionally exaggerate widely used editing effects available in certain applications to either make photos/videos more visually appealing (dependent upon subjective aesthetic preferences) or to summarize/index a process of physical adornment/alteration.